Elementor #3287

What do I want for Mother's Day


Despite being mother all year round, we do have this special day dedicated to us, so what can possibly make me feel really special? A big hug of course is number one, and if my children can’t be here, just to know that I am thought of brings much joy.

If they insist on giving me something, top of the list is a book, or flowers, or a plant. I also like to indulge in nice soap, body lotion for my skin which gets drier with the years.

For other choices I might once have flipped through a catalogue of perfumes, jewelry, clothes, but now I prefer to shop and dream from the ‘Aids for daily living’ catalogue which I have taken back to bed with me while I indulge in my first cup of coffee for the day, a strong brew of freshly ground beans percolated in an Italian stove top that delivers expresso à la crema. In bed, curled up against me is CousCous, my adored Burmese Cross who hasn’t worked out how to turn off her purring mechanism and hence sounds permanently content. I could define this moment as perfect happiness, especially as there is no pain when I sit still.

My cup of joy already overflows, but since it is Mother’s Day I feel like indulging. I start flicking through the ‘Aids for daily living’ catalogue and start to imagine …

There’s a long elelgant nightie which promises to make me sleep easy. It is made from a comfortable cotton/poly blend which is gentle on the skin and will not irritate me. Nothing has been spared in the design of this light pink nightie which is decorated with roses all the way to the hem and to the tip of the long sleeves (why stop halfway?). I discard this one, can’t risk being irritated by a nightie and decide to stick to my cotton T shirt and loose pants. I will forfeit a flattering cut that incorporates a round neck, lace trim and front buttons for custom comfort, all finished off with a graceful bow.

I am tempted however by the elastic shoe laces. Yes, it is becoming harder and harder to pull on my shoes. These are specially designed for arthritic hands, and if anyone has these, it’s me. Bingo! These laces will convert your shoes into slip-ons by simply threading them on and tying them up. I will never again have to tie or untie which means less bending for me. The next sentence baffles me: ‘With no tight pressure points, they allow natural movement without hassle.’ I am not sure if they are referring to my hands, my feet or my body but the thought of painless natural movement is appealing, and I read on: ‘Set of six contains three black and three white pairs’ which leaves me to wonder why anyone would need six pairs of slip ons?

Next to catch my attention is the Rollator. It is a ‘wheeled walker’ aka ‘seat walker’ which promises to let me step steady and sit down anywhere I need to. It is made from incredibly light, durable aluminium (won’t rust nor creak, though my body might), it easily navigates around corners and narrow hallways and when the time comes to rest, its padded seat and back rest will ensure comfortable support. I wonder what B will think when he finds me resting halfway down the hallway. Hopefully I can wait a few years for this one.

But not so the pressure relief Swivel cushion which believe it or not is an excellent mobility aid, just place it on your car seat or any other chair so that you can turn and rise easily. I have to wonder about the need to easily turn and rise while I am driving, but I read on. This is an extra thick padded cushion which has been uniquely shaped to relieve pressure on your tailbone and all you need to do is to simply place it on your car seat and use the mobility aid to sit and swivel a full 360 degrees. I hope the cops aren’t watching.

Wait, there’s more. How I love this catalogue. There is another car seat cushion which provides posture support by reducing pressure on your lower back. If I buy it now it will ‘encourage good posture when sitting or driving as it ‘reduces pressure on your lower back by suspending the tailbone in the air, tipping the pelvis forward to restore the spine’s natural lumbar curve, thus promoting good posture at all times’. The height of the Car Seat Cushion also means you will have a greater vantage point of the road. Who would have thought that a suspended tailbone would give you such an advantage. I love this catalogue.

I won’t even have need of the Rear vision mirror that increases your visibility and allows you to change lanes with ease, keeping a safer view of the road and helps you reverse if your neck has limited turning motion. I am tempted, given that my neck is seriously stiff, but seeing that I can already swivel 360 degrees with a suspended tailbone I will have no need of this wide rear vision mirror. I’ll skip this one.

Next to catch my eye are the Walker wheels. I don’t yet need one, but I note it for future reference. These promise to turn your usual walker into a’ wheel along dream’ and ‘you will no longer need to be jealous of your friends’ walking frames with wheels anymore’. Show me your wheels and I’ll show you mine

It gets better. There are Walker Skis that can convert your ordinary walker into an indoor or outdoor glider and allow you to move smoothly over bumps, ridges, carpets and uneven surfaces. You simply attach the skis to the rear legs of your existing walker. I am already dreaming of future dance parties with my friends gliding along any surface with skis fitted to their walkers. So much to look forward to!

However, I’ll really know I’m getting old when all my friends need wheels. We might then also indulge in a Walker Tray which gives an altogether new meaning to meals on wheels. You can simply attach it to your walker enabling you to carry small meals and snacks from your kitchen to your lounge room with ease and without slips and spills. Small meals and snacks? These people don’t know my friends who would surely be more concerned about spilling their drinks. I am already looking forward to wine and champagne gliding parties. Who said getting old wasn’t fun!

But reality strikes and I must get out of bed. To all the girls out there, mothers, aunties, daughters, nieces, if you have bothered reading to here, know that I love you and wish you everything that you deserve on this special day xx